Updated: 12/3/2019

Storyboard Text

  • Look! An island! Go see if there is any people or resources on it. I'll stay here in case something goes wrong.
  • Yes sir!
  • Go forth! But be quick, we cannot afford to lose any of our ships or men, so be careful!
  • Of course sir!
  • Hello really big people, I am a crew member of the wise Odysseus who would like to kindly ask for some resources and if we may stay the night.
  • Oh, it seems you have come across one of my crew mates. I'm just going to leave now.
  • *Cannibal Noises*
  • Oh no! Retreat!
  • Go back to the ships!
  • Oh no! They destroyed all of our docked ships!
  • That doesn't look good. Those look like Laestrygonians! This must be their island! They destroyed all my ships! I must take my remaining men and leave.