french raevlution

Updated: 3/4/2021
french raevlution

Storyboard Text

  • France is all about money and peasants who don't have food and cant pay taxes
  • I need more money so I can buy my self more stuff
  • us peasants don't have enough money to buy food
  • the king rules all
  • we are going to starve
  • you need to pay your taxes knoww!!
  • we don't half any left to pay for are taxes
  • we cant
  • ya lets do that and lets get some food
  • they are spending all the money on him self and his wife not on the country to make it better
  • ! want to get a brand new matching coat and new wigs
  • these are the three different estates
  • they meant there to form there very own country so no more taxes and what ever job they want
  • we are going to stand here tell we get are way
  • hey lets go to the tennis court there will be enough room there for use to protest
  • its locked. they locked us out