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Updated: 2/3/2020
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  • Ouch this hurts and im even dead.
  • Where did my skin go? OMG. HELP ME!
  • Dum Meteor it just covered me up with dirt.
  • Here you can see the T-Rex has died from his wounds. He is laying down I promise. He has bled out and is now dead on the ground like I told you.
  • How much longer do I got to wait to get out of this dirt hole. Literally. It's been a while.
  • Here in this picture you can see where the T-Rex used to be. But all the soft parts of the body went away like the skin and all of that stuff so it does not look much like a T-Rex anymore.
  • Finally somebody found me after all this time.
  • Woah what is this it looks cool I am going to dig it up
  • Here in this picture to be honest I don't know what happened. I quess a meteor struck and buried the remains of the T-Rex. Which by the way is keeping other creatures from eating the rest and getting rid of all the minerals.
  • OMG. I found a fossil. It might be a uplift fossil and it can be worth millions.
  • Here is where the fun part begins. We can't see anymore of the dinosaur bones because they are buried and the hole of the meteor has magical disapeared. But the bones here are starting to to get replace with minerals and other stuff from the earth which is making the bones turn to stone.
  • Then finally thousands of years later somebody finally finds the T-Rex fossils that have been here thousands of years waiting to be discovered. And well this guy has a big surprised ahead of him because the bones are no longer bine they are now rocks that look like the bones.
  • Now finally this guy has been digging all day and he has now just gotten to the fossil. He predicts it is an uplift fossil. Which it probably was. Well it was. And they can be worth millions of dollars.
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