integrative performance
Updated: 2/23/2021
integrative performance

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  • A couple went to the market in a hurry Mr. Fernandez did not wear his facemask properly.
  • HONEY!
  • YES!
  • You should know how to wear your facemask correctly because its really dangerous outside and the virus is everywhere and even if its uncomfortable you should wear it because its our safety
  • Ok, shall we go now honey?
  • Thank you Honey, I will remember it.
  • After you Hon.
  • What! This meat is to expensive. How did it happen?
  • I'm so sorry about it ma'am and sir it's just about the shortness of the meat and i think it's also about Covid 19 that's why the supply of the meat is also affected.
  • Yeah! I'm really surprised about it! What's the matter?
  • This food can't make through sunday. What should we do now Hon.
  • I don't know either Honey, What should we do if the day will come that we don't have a food to eat, What will happen next/
  • Don't cry Honey, I have an idea. What if we plant a vegetables and fruits in our backyard, it's not hard at all because we have welding machine to make it. Are you agree about it?
  • Yeah! Lets' try it but first we will make a pot for our plant.!
  • It's really amaze me, from now on i will start planting.I Love You !