Updated: 11/23/2020

Storyboard Text

  • The people of Israel once again have been heading down the wrong path and disobeying their God
  • The Israelites have been punished by God and enslaved to an Israel king named Jabin for 20 years
  • God?! Why have you forbidden us and forgot about us Israelites?
  • I will only go if you come with me.
  • Deborahwould sit under a tree and Israelites would come to her for judgment after rebellion
  • Deborah went with Barak because he was too afraid to fight alone. Deborah insisted that God would lead them to victory.
  • This is a story about a judge named Deborah who would receive clear direction from God and always followed them. She had faith in God and always acted on it.
  • "Go this is the day the Lord has given Sisera into your hands. Has not the Lord gone ahead of you?"
  • Yay! We are free and have been guided by our Lord God.
  • A women named Deborah had gotten clear direction from God to find man named Barak and tell him that God wanted him to take a group of 10,000 men to Mount Tabor. At this place, God will help these people defeat Sisera. (commander of the Canaanite army)
  • Deborah meets with Barak and the armies assemble and even before the war begins, Israels vicotry has been declared.
  • Barak and his forces are victorious in deafeating Sisera, even though Sisera, the man himslef, has escaped.
  • Sisera was killed by Jael because he put a tent peg next to Sisera's head and hit it with a hammer. It went through his head and killed Sisera. The Israelites then live in peace for 40 years.