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Duffy Jackets summary
Updated: 9/15/2020
Duffy Jackets summary
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  • Beware of the Sentinel
  • First Andrew, Duffy, Maria go to a cabin in the woods. They are going with there with there mom and aunt Elise for the weekend in October. On the way they realized Duffy forgot his Jacket
  • They get to the cabin and its very dirty. Then they have to clean up. And there is a sign that says beware of the sentinel.
  • They are walking in the woods to get some fresh air. They take a break and have the snacks they brought. Duffy takes his jacket off and forgets to grab his jacket.
  • The parents leave to go get stuff from the town like like bulbs. Which is twenty miles from the cabin. The parents tell them to play Monopoly and while they are playing Monopoly they here scratching at the door.
  • They think its a bloodhound because they heard something following them. Then they realize it probably picked up there scent from Duffy's jacket. They try to hide from it but it knows where they are at. They sneak out the backdoor and try to hide in the barn but it's locked.
  • It opens the door and hears them go out the back and follows them. They sneak back inside and barricaded the door so it couldn't get in. They hide upstairs in their bedrooms and it still has there scent. And it tuns out all the beast wanted to do was give Duffy his jacket back
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