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Sofya and Telemakos spys
Updated: 10/11/2020
Sofya and Telemakos spys
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  • i'm so stupid, everyone thinks i am, I lost Hector a long time ago. But now, I feel I am losing metaphorically, Estato and Priamos.
  • I don't think that and neither do important people. I'm here for you.
  • ok! but what about Gebre Meskel, he will never let that happen.
  • What if I help you. You saved my life, you have what it takes to be a spy, prove everyone how good you are!
  • We won´t tell him, you will sneak with me and then when you help me, he will let you come to more missions!
  • ill talk to him now!
  • oh ok! great
  • hey! umm... I was wondering when will I have my first mission?
  • you need to go to the Sahara desert, We got an anonymous message saying there was plenty of salt there
  • well, I do indeed have a mission for you.
  • Sofya felt alone and useless. Estato got married, one of his brothers died and the other one doesn't talk to her anymore. Telemakos deosnt think she is useless.
  • Telemakos gets a brilliant idea, he is going to have Sofya as her secret assistant in spying. But he can't tell Gebre Meskal, he wouldn't allow it, so telemakos won't tell him, when they complete their mission, they will prove him that Sofya is worth it when revealing to him that she was his assistant.
  • ok!
  • Yes I slept well, let's keep going.
  • Telemakos goes with Gebre Meskal and asks with curiosity, when will his (and Sofya's) next mission will be. Gebre Meskel informs Telemakos that in the Sahara desert is a lot of salt, or so an anonymous person said. Telemakos is willing to risk it because of the plague.
  • Oh, Telemakos and Estato, or are you Sofya? Anyways, long time no see...
  • ANAKO?!
  • It was the start of a journey on their way to the Sahara desert. As they walked, they noticed it was getting darker and decided to find refugee. There was a really old shack, made of plants and natural resources, they didn't have an option, it was also raining.
  • Sofya slept a lot, Telemakos didn't. He stood awake making sure no one would come to hurt them, Sofya didn't really notice. They "awoke" full of energy. They were ready to keep going.
  • They met some salt workers, sofya went to meet them but they had a boss. Sofya wanted to meet him, and, who he was, shocked both, Telemakos and Sofya. Sofya was scared, she had stole some salt from a worker and was desperate to leave.THE END?to be continued...
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