Broken Blade by Myah Carver Hr.6
Updated: 2/28/2020
Broken Blade by Myah Carver Hr.6

Storyboard Text

  • "Ow my Blisters and cuts hurt like crazy!" says Peirre...
  • HElP!
  • Peirre's Dad (Charles LaPage) decides to do Peirres chore and accidently cuts his thumb instead of the Wood! Peirre hast to leave his family behind shortly after!
  • I hope that we can leave shore tomorrow morning! ITS SO WINDY!
  •  Peirre is feeling somewhat homesick and he states he misses his family. He often gets made fun of with the brigade because he is younger than the rest. Peirre is feeling weaker yet stronger, his blisters and getting worse and darker in color. He tends to think of what he has left behind for awhile. Thinking of Celeste and His family.Trying to think of things to pass time and trying to forget about all the pain hes in.
  • ''Hello there!'' ,Greets Mukawa
  • Peirre and the Brigade chose the wild rapids way. The water splashes and the canoe rocks and bobs up and down on the water. Crashing into Rocks Logs and Boulders! La Londe gets out of the canoe to push the canoe because its stuck. As the canoe releases La Londe is no where to be found!
  • ''PEIRRE!''
  • As the wind blows harder and harder. They hugged the shore for awhile then decided to take shore, and the as the day went along, more and more time was waisted. :(
  • Peirre arrives at the Trading Post. He meets Mukawa and enjoys listening to his stories at dinner. Peirre sees Kennewah and is suprised on her appearence
  • As Peirre and the Brigade Travel, Lake Superior is still and dark. Peirre thinks that he will never make it home again. But as they make it back Peirre runs to the Cabin to see his family. His Dad is chopping wood and Peirre turns the corner to a suprise! His Dad has a Plan to suprise the rest of the Family and listen to Peirre's Storys!