Bill Of Rights
Updated: 4/6/2021
Bill Of Rights

Storyboard Description

Conflict insues between protestors and police as two young teens try to educate their city officals about problems in their town, but the police have another agenda.

Storyboard Text

  • Those city officials need to listen.
  • We need to speak about police brutality in this town.
  • The both of you need to back up!!!
  • What's going on over there? I heard something about police brutality?
  • I'm sure it's just some teens trying to start trouble. The police have it covered.
  • We should go over there, they shouldn"t be handling it that way. Maybe the kids are trying to tell us something
  • We need to be heard. If we don't say something who will?!
  • You need to go back home. There is no reason to bother these officials with your propaganda.
  • Excuse me officer, if those two need to speak to us then they can, otherwise you are undermining their right to free speech.