Eliana Angelino tree story
Updated: 5/8/2020
Eliana Angelino tree story

Storyboard Text

  • yay! i'm so pretty!
  • the tree is happy because her leaves look beautiful in the fall
  • you will look pretty in the spring!
  • but it doesn't really matter
  • a wind storm blows her leaves away
  • she wishes she was an every green because winter makes them look extra beautiful in the snow.
  • you are worth while and you help all!
  • her dear friend reassures her by telling her she will look good it the spring but her mentor tries to tell her that her looks don't matter.
  • an early spring snow brakes her branch so now she is lopsided and will never look as beautiful!
  • a family enjoys her shade, rabbits make homes in her roots, birds make nests in her branches, and her mentor helps her see that she doesn't need to be beautiful to be happy.