Updated: 12/19/2019
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  • 1. Scout asks Jem if she can play with him at school...
  • Jem, can I play wit' you guys?
  • No, Scout, I'm only going to play wit' you at home!... go back with the 1st graders
  • 2. Scout finds gum from a Knothole in a tree at the Radley's house
  • Oooh... gum
  • 3. Jem rips his pants trying to jump over the Radley's fence
  • Uh oh, I swear, I ripped my pants
  • Scout ask Jem at school during lunch/recess if she can play with him and his friends. Jem replies with "No, but I'll still play with you at home". Scout was sad after this happens.
  • Jem and Scout make a Snowman
  • During a scavenge, Scout found 2 pieces of gum in a knothole at the Radley's home. She preceded by putting the 2 pieces in her mouth. When Jem asked where she got the gum from she told him. He then said "take that gum outta your mouth, Scout!" because she got it from the Radley's and that's kind of disgusting.
  • Miss Maudie house burns down
  • It's sarcasm, Atticus
  • After trying to deliver a letter to Boo Radley, Jem ripped his pants on a fence. He can out of the pants because he was stuck on the fence and would get caught, so he comes back in the middle. His pants wear folded upon the fence a sewed up.
  • Calpurnia cooks
  • Jem! Scout! Dinner is ready!
  • One day the Finch's went outside and it was snowing, then Jem & Scout built a snowman.
  • We outta make a snowman, Jem!
  • We should, Scout
  • Miss Maudie didn't like her house. One day it burned, but she didn't really care.
  • Oh no, my house burnt down, I'm so sad.
  • I'm sorry, Miss Maudie.
  • This is an example of how Calpurnia took care of the kids and cooked for them.
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