Scientific Revolution by Ashlee Holmquest
Updated: 1/24/2020
Scientific Revolution  by Ashlee Holmquest
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  • why don't we do an experiment so figure it out ?
  • How come that coconut just fell to the ground instead of floating?
  • Hey guys , i heard overheard you where gonna do an experiment ? I was wondering if you wanted some help , i mean after all i did get a noble prize.
  • Hey Marie Sure !
  • so how do y'all want to start this ?
  • Im not exactly sure that's why I'm glad i have the father of chemistry and a noble prize winner with me ..
  • Maybe we should go find Louis
  • Oh hey guys !
  • I would love to help but im just a biologist i don't really think vacations could help here
  • Hello Louis we where wondering if you help us with Issacs experiment
  • Okay Isacc well let us know if we can do anything , see you tomorrow .
  • Ya know I really appreciate everyones help but i think i need to ask my self some questions before i figure out this whole gravity thing
  • mmmmm... how is my new discover gonna change everything typically new discoveries help and start a new advancement in life but will anyone accept my thoughts or will they think its too risky because it could start a ruckus Marie and Louis and Roberts achievements benefited the world for good so maybe mine will too .
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