The Book Thief: Part 4- Riley Mason
Updated: 2/8/2020
The Book Thief: Part 4- Riley Mason

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  • Only Survivor
  • He'll do it!
  • Lisels's Curiosity
  • The Gift
  • During World War 1 Hans met a Jew named Erik, and he taught Hans to play the accordian. One day their superior asked for a volunteer, and when no one offered, they heard gunshots. His friend, Erik volunteered Hans, and the rest of the men went into battle for their last time.
  • 20 years later, Eriks son Max arrives at the Hubermann household. He's exhausted, so he goes to sleep in the extra bed in Liesel's room. He sleeps for three days, and during this time Liesel watches him. She sees that he has nightmares like her, and she wants to be their when he wakes up.
  • On Liesel's birhtday Max couldn't get her anything, but she was still gratful towards him. He felt like he had to get her something, so he made her a book called The Standover Man. It was about all of the people Max has know, and he said that Liesel was the best even though she wasn't a man at all.