Computer Ghost

Updated: 3/26/2021
Computer Ghost

Storyboard Description

Elena was focused on completing her assignment. She heard the sound of a bowling pin knocking down, it frightened her. Elena looks down on the ground and sees a ball sitting there. She proceeds to laugh because she realized it was her brother, Michaels ball. Elena goes to her brother's room to tell him about his basketball. He then claims he left it in the backyard. Michael tries to scare her by saying it was a ghost. With an unconvincing joke her brother told. Elena walks to her room and notices the light is weirdly turned off. She looks at the computer and sees the words "I guess you'll never know unless you turn around". Hesitantly, Elena turns around and becomes shaken with fear with the sight of a ghost standing right in front of her.

Storyboard Text

  • Elena is focused on completing her assignment
  • Science Homework
  • Science Homework
  • woosh*..
  • laughs* oh it's just Michael's basketball
  • Science Homework
  • what? I left my ball in the backyard and I was in my room the whole time with Nyla
  • very funny of you to scare me with your basketball
  • who turned off my lights?
  • maybe it was the ghost
  • There's no such thing as ghost..
  • I guess you'll never know unless you turn around..
  • BOO!