Updated: 6/29/2020

Storyboard Text

  • children we are going on a trip.
  • we have decided to sail from Plymoth England.
  • Mary, the wavewalker is finally ready for our voyage.It is 23 meteres long,30 ton wooden-hulled.
  • we are finally excited
  • we have tested it in the roughest weather!Jon and Sue get ready
  • I agree herb, plus its a free trip,so whats the harm.
  • we need to get American Larry Vigil and Swiss Herb Seiger to help us tackle the roughest sea,the southern Indian Ocean
  • i want to help them as its been a long time since i have been on a ship.
  • These waves are gigantic.we have to slow the boat. Drop the storm jib.
  • Lets go through our life-draft drill, attach lifelines,donn oilskins and life jackets
  • we should lache a heavy mooring rope in a loop across the stern.
  • WE ARE SINKNG !!!!
  • Herb,we really have to start pumping water.
  • The whole starboard side bulged inwards.
  • my left ribs are cracked,i have to get to the wheel somehow.
  • somehow I managed to stretch canvas and secure waterproof covers.
  • My head has swollen and i have a deep cut on my arm .