Story board that philosophy project
Updated: 9/10/2020
Story board that philosophy project

Storyboard Text

  • Overthrow the monarchy!
  • Why are you yelling so loudly?
  • The king has too much power, the power should not be given to just one man!
  • That is very interesting
  • Sir, you're under arrest for not following the king.
  • Montesquieu Woke up ready for the day and went outside to say good morning to the people in the town, that's when he saw a protester.
  • The king? Too much power??? ... How is that possible?
  • The man started to explain how ...
  • The government should split the power into three equal branches so that no one person has more control.
  • Suddenly the townspeople scattered as soldiers appeared to arrest the protester.
  • What the man had said made montesquieu think. In fact, he stayed up all night thinking about it.
  • The next day montesquieu came up with ideas to fix the problems in the government that the man helped him realize.
  • Montesquieu