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Updated: 3/18/2020
Andrew Jackson storyboard

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  • Karla Diaz MoralesThesis: I believe Andrew Jackson shouldn't be on the 20 dollar billSources: TCI Lesson 14 Intro - Lesson 24 Section A-F
  • Why don't you want Andrew Jackson on the 20 dollar bill? What's the Jackson Democracy .
  • He shouldn't be on the bill because of the Jackson Democracy. The Jackson Democracy is when Jackson created a campaign saying if the ''common man'' voted for him he would give them political power, because of this Jackson won the election 1812 by promising ''common people'' (ex: farmers) political power when they weren't fit for the job.
  • Are there any other reasons? What's the Spoil system?
  • The spoil system is when Andrew Jackson started giving all political jobs to the "common man", because he did this he got rid of all the rich people working political jobs and gave the "common man" to much political power when most the haven't gotten a education when the rich did. Also because of the spoil system he also gave to much power to the people.
  • That's only two reasons! What's the Indian removal policy?
  • Andrew Jackson didn't like the American Indians. The Indian removal policy was a policy to remove all Indians out of America,despite any treaties or alliances they had with them, because of the Indian removal policy Indians were forced to move east or would have to meet with the military and it wouldn't end well. Jackson didn't care about the Indians.
  • Also 2 year later because of the policy over 17,00 Cherokee Indians were forced to leave from their homes in Georgia and not many survived. The Indians leaving and not many surviving was called the Trail Of Tears.
  • This created the Tariff of Abomination, because of the Tariff the South Carolina threatens to secede. South Carolina doesn't secede but there was more tension between the South and North. Jackson didn't care about the south and was willing to let them go.
  • Ok, is that all? What's the States Rights?
  • The states rights was when some of the south states wanted to separate from America because of the way Andrew Jackson was governing and because he just passed a Tariff that the people in the south thought only the North could benefit from it. This Tariff profited American makers of fabric, mostly the North, this why the South was mad.
  • With the bank not being able to renew its contract it cause the bank charter expire in 1836. This was an awful think Jackson did, just because he thought only the rich benefited from the bank that the bank had to close. For all these reasons Andrew Jackson shouldn't be on the $20 bill.
  • Whats the War on National Bank/Economic Decisions. oh wow he really shouldn't be on the 20 dollar bill.
  • The war on National Bank/Economic Decisions was when Jackson fought with the Bank of the United States. Jackson believed the Bank benefited from the wealthy and Jackson didn't like that, because of that when the Bank's contract renewal was due in 1836 Jackson refused to Renew it. This made it difficult for people to get money from the bank.