election of 1800
Updated: 2/1/2021
election of 1800

Storyboard Text

  • From the looks of our chart right now, it seems as if the Dem-Rep, represented by the green, are going to take this election by a long shot.
  • Thank you for tuning into XYZ News, where we will keep you updated on tonight's election.
  • We will be transporting back and forth between our station, your local voting sites, and candidates, to provide full coverage.
  • It's James Tom here at one of many voting sites. Tension is rising as we come closer to results.
  • As the broadcast is back on Laura in the station, she will explain how tonight's election will work. 
  • This the federalists and democratic-republicans go face to face for the role as vice president and president.
  • You may be confused how votes will come into play. The party with the most amount of votes, will take role as president, leaving the runner up for vice president.
  • LADIES AND GENTLEMAN! As you can see from out chart above, we have out first ever electoral tie! It is now left in the hands of the House of Representatives.
  • I come before you several days later, to announce our third president. Mr.Thomas Jefferson, Congratulations!
  • WOO! HOO!