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The Stone Age
Updated: 9/1/2020
The Stone Age
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  • Opening/Starting
  • Today we will be talking about how Shelter is in the Stone Age, how it is different any day
  • We hope you enjoy our presenation
  • Day 1
  • Day 1 is very cold, today we have had Ice thrown on our hut and it is really cold today, we hopefully will have colder weather tomorrow 
  • Our hut is currently being taken over by snow, it should be melted by tomorrow
  • Day 2
  • Today all the snow melted and our hut can be shown again, it is very humid today and it is a very warm day
  • We have a good day today because its not icy we can get food.
  • Opening Section: How we are gonna talk about the Stone Age Living Shelter
  • Day 3
  • Today is the same day, yesterday we got food out of the all the crops from the crop side of the land, we have enough food for the week now, we got a lot of fish
  • The Stone Age was a time with mixed weather, some days it would be very warm and other days Glaciers would expand down from the North and often covered a lot of Britain, sometimes making it impossible to live in the area.
  • Day 4
  • This period of Pre-History had very diverse weather, some days it would be cold and some days it would be hot. Many days, it would be very cold so many people made clothing out of Animal skin to stay warm.
  • Day 5
  • Today is the nicest day of the week, we will be looking for fruit, growing crops, and going back to the Ocean to get more fish. Overall it is very nice today.
  • During the Stone Age, there was a variety of food. The most ate food was Fish, you could find fish very easily because the people we're close to the waters and could get fish daily. More food founds could be fruits, nuts, eggs, and plants found on the ground.
  • During the Stone Age, many shelters and places to live were Paleolithic Homes, Huts, and Houses. (All places to live) The hut and the Paleolithic homes were most used, many people would stay in their huts during the day if there was rain and that was where all the things they had were stored.
  • Today there is a lot of rain and we don't want to get wet by the rain today, today we will be hanging in our hut and eating in here as we don't want rain on us nor our food
  • In the Stone Age, many shelters were built with woven wood, specifically known as wattle. They also used mud and straw, other known as daub. For houses, however, they used timber. This was during the neolithic period.
  • I will be getting us more bamboo or wood to build more of our hut and potentially build another hut!
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