tmdg julianna scott
Updated: 3/31/2021
tmdg julianna scott

Storyboard Text

  • they lure the boats into the island to the play "the most dangerous game." The ships have no idea what is going to happen, but what does shocks them.
  • Zaroff explains how the game works to Rainsford. He says that if he does not win the game, he gets tortured and killed. If he does win, he gets let go. Day and night zaroff hunts him, but Rainsford has yet to be found.
  • Rainsford has seen cliffs and decided the only option to survive was to jump. He jumps and Zaroff thought he had committed suicide. Little did they know, Rainsford has tricked the General, and was waiting in his bed. Rainsford kills the general and gets the best nights sleep ever.