problem at the play ground
Updated: 2/23/2021
problem at the play ground

Storyboard Text

  • It was a Good day of school, or so I thought. I was gonna meet my friends at the playground. and we were going to play a normal game like we always do like tag, kickball,and others.
  • When i got to the normal spot i was confused. They were not there. I heard laughing from others including my friends from the other side of the playground.(hears them in the background)(Laughing)
  • what are they laughing at ?
  • Jack saw them laughing at a kid.
  • Why are they laughing at the kid? What should i do?
  • I should get them stopped.No i shouldn't , because then they will bully me.
  • I decided to do the smart thing and get a teacher.
  • Students don't laugh at others for who they are. treat others equally .
  • The teacher was heading to the students who are laughing at the kid.
  • sorry