Depression and New Deal!!!
Updated: 2/4/2021
Depression and New Deal!!!

Storyboard Description

You can learn about the Great Depression and The New Deal.

Storyboard Text

  • Hey! Do you remember the Great Depression. It seems like it happened a long time ago, but it really only just happened. Lets take a look back at what had happened.
  • I'm just a poor farmer. These past couple of years have been really tough. I have almost lost everything.
  • I grow a bunch of cotton and cotton only. The drought had hit me really hard some of my crops did not survive. I thought I would be alright until the Boll Weevil came. Those little critters took all my crops, their was nothing left foe me there. I was in so much debt I had to sell my farm.
  • I saw FDR today! He promised to help us poor famers by creating a thing called the new deal. It is supposed to help and encourage us to diversify and help us get out of debt.
  • The program AAA helps poor farmers like me. It helpd us cut suppl and increase demand. We diversified our crops , so if one failed we had many more to helps us keep profit.
  • Now you know what lead to the great depression and some programs under the New Deal.