Compromise of 1850
Updated: 6/15/2020
Compromise of 1850
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  • First the Missouri Compromise of 1820 stated that any state below the 36-30 line would be a slave state and any state above that would be free
  • Compromise of 1850
  • Because of this, California was split and there was a fight over it, whether it would be a slave state or free state.
  • I Henry Clay propose a deal
  • I Calhoun, oppose your statement Clay. I represent the slaves states
  • I Daniel Webster, representing free states will not let this happen. Stephen Douglas, lets partner up and create some laws
  • OKay Wester, lets make 5 laws to compromise this argument
  • 1. California was admitted as a free state into the union2. The Mexican section was divided into two territories: New Mexico and New Utah. These territories were established without slavery3. Texas was bought a portion of New Mexico for only $10 million4. The Fugitive Slave Act was passed5. The buying and selling of slaves was abolished in the District of Colombia
  • 1. The North and South were peaceful for some time2. The south was happy because the fugitive slave act was stronger3. The north was happy because they got California as a free state
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  • TheEnd
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