Updated: 5/1/2020

Storyboard Text

  • I'm mom
  • Meet our family
  • Im dad
  • I'm Grace
  • I'm Justin
  • I'm Kayla
  • I don't want to play with barbies I want to play with doctor toys
  • Honey I got you a new barbie, why don't you come down and play with it
  • I don't feel so well. I have flu like symptoms and i re-searched it and it says that I have the corona virus
  • Well there is this new virus going around and I'm know you have it. The only way to cure it is by a vaccine which we don't have yet
  • So how are you feeling today?
  • This is my family. First is my mom Elizabeth, then we have my dad James, then we have my older sister Grace, then my older brother Justin and last we have me Kayla. 
  • As a young kid I didn't like playing with dolls or barbies and I really enjoyed playing with doctor toys. My parents always wanted me to play with barbies and doll and I always told them no.
  • Being a doctor was great, saving lives was my superpower. A new virus was going around and no one know how to cure it.