cómic 2 conditional
Updated: 5/8/2020
cómic  2 conditional

Storyboard Text

  • one day June 24, 2008 there were elections and each candidate would say their promises to know
  • Hello, my name is Juan and my promises are ...
  • Hello, I'm Pepito and my promises are ...
  • Hi, I'm Titus and my promises are ..
  • see you the other week, who will be our prsident?
  • apparently serious, that pepito so far is winning to see will be the alleged president.
  • continuing with the news, my parther will tell you how the elections were yesterday.
  • I HOPE, if we had a better economy with this new president.
  • mom, i would like to eat !!
  • "De peso"
  • Hago esta transmisión para decirles que yp pepito seria su presidente gracias a sus votos , gracias !!
  • already passed the day of the election of the president, everyone in the country was happy, and the next morning the president would give his speech, everyone imagined that with him. the economy was going to be stronger.
  • I never imagined that I would become president of this January in the country, as a young man I disavowed this and it was achieved.
  • that is why with the passage of time, our income for the country could be better and for this we would do everything possible
  • After a while the country's economy improved, and that is what all the people wanted for the country.
  • a few years later, everything was lost and all the citizens wanted to get out of the presidency ah pepito.