Trojan war

Updated: 5/17/2021
Trojan war

Storyboard Text

  • Aneas fleas the burning city of Troy with his Son and Father.
  • Aneas sails from Aneaade to Delos. At Delos there was a oracle that said go to Crete.
  • At Crete the Trojans made it home, which they named Pergamos. Unfortunately a disease broke out forcing them to leave.
  • They go past Stroplades where they are told to go to Italy. From there they go to Butortum where Aneas is told the route to sail to Italy.
  • Aeneas set his eyes on Italy he breifly stoped at Aplia. Sadly on Aeneas sail to Eryx Palinurs died from the God of sleep.
  • Aeneas then arrives in Cuman. Aeneas adventures into the under world and explores what Rome will look like.
  • Aeneas and his fellow Trojans arrive in Latium In short Aeneas battles Turnus and Aneas wins concering Latium now known as Rome.