The Pardoner's Tail
Updated: 1/31/2020
The Pardoner's Tail
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  • Back when the Black Plague was a thing, three local Ruffians were joking in a tavern.
  • They are told by the boy who cleaned tables in the tavern that the man who died was a close friend of one of the ruffians and that "Death" had killed him. This, naturally, angered the ruffians. They set out to kill death.
  • As they walked they came across an "old as dirt" man whom they assumed to be Death. They then proceeded to beat the snot out of him till they realized he wasn't death. The old man told them he had seen death near the old crooked tree.
  • They arrive at the tree to find a large pile of gold. Forgetting their original purpose for being there, the have the youngest ruffian run back to town to get some wine.
  • The two older ruffians plot to kill the younger one when he returns so they do not have to share the wealth with him. Little do they know the younger ruffian is buying poison to kill the older ruffians.
  • They then all died from each other's plots to kill one another. And they all lived happily ever after... at least they would have if they weren't dead but ya know...
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