2 step equations
Updated: 5/18/2020
2 step equations

Storyboard Description

Grandma and Grandpa need help figuring how much gas they need to get back home from the beach.

Storyboard Text

  • Hello, can you help us determine the amount money we will spend on gas that we need to get back home?
  • One gallon of gas cost $2 and we want to know how much we will be spending on gas. We also stopped by the store to pick cookies.
  • The packs of cookies cost $13. So the equation is 2x+13=33
  • First we need to subtract 13 from 13 and 33 to cancel it out then we have 2x=20 we have to divide 20 by 2 which equals 10.
  • So if we bought 10 gallons and each gallon cost $2 then 10 x 2 equals $20 so we need $20 to get back home.
  • I'm definitely not paying for that gas
  • Thank you for helping us!