Sr. Mary John's experience in 201
Updated: 2/25/2021
Sr. Mary John's experience in 201

Storyboard Text

  • Sr. Mary John's experience in 201
  • Teacher explains exactly what she hears, sees, smells, tastes, and touches in order to help others to "see" what she does.
  • Izzy, Juli, and Sue, let me show you how I pick out words when I'm writing.
  • Teacher
  • Students are engaged and filled with laughter as they practice selecting precise adjectives in a Mad Lib activity.
  • j j j j
  • smooth -
  • Since it's almost Valentine's Day, I found a Mad Lib about a Valentine's Puppy! Can you give me your best adjectives?
  • weird -
  • Student
  • bumpy -
  • The writing prompt, while relatable to student life, was not engaging to them. The original text was entitled The Perilous Passage. See "task" for the follow-up.
  • Text
  • Context
  • The students talk about how their life is similar to and different from the character in the book Little House in the Big Woods.
  • This student writing task was personal and exciting. Students were motivated while composing this writing prompt.
  • Task
  • My most valuable thing is a paper bowl my cousin in Asia made!
  • I'm going to write about my best birthday ever at Disney! I'll describe it so you can experience it for yourself!
  • My best day ever was when I got a new puppy! I'll write about that!