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Updated: 5/20/2020
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  • Ex NASA pilot and widower, Joseph Cooper raises his two children with his stepfather on his farm. The war has reduced the population and a crop disease called burn threatens to starve humanity. The fighting has reduced the population and threatened to kill mankind from a grain epidemic called fire. The day after an severe storm of rain, a gravity disruption produces a set of lines on the earth.
  • There they find artificially intelligent robots, a bunch of scientists trying to launch giant spacecraft, and Dr. Brand , Cooper’s former professor. They learn that a wormhole appeared mysteriously near Saturn some years ago. NASA sent a group of scientists through the wormhole to try and find habitable planets where they can relocate humanity. They plead with Cooper to pilot the spaceship that will follow up on the former scientists in the wormhole.
  • They head for Saturn and are able to send and receive video messages back home. The crew chooses poorly and lands on a large planet. In addition, some of the planets have a larger gravitational pull and time will move more slowly for them on the planet than back at earth. The crew appears to be gone for a few short hours, but decades pass on Earth. Cooper returns to space realizing that he has missed all of his children’s childhoods.
  • The crew finds Dr Mann, but soon learns that he faked signs of life on his planet .Dr. Mann causes serious damage to the space station trying to dock.Meanwhile, Murph has grown to be as assistant to Dr. Brand. However, she discovers that plan A was always a lie. She tells her dad. Back on the space station, they surmise that if they could gather data from the black hole. Cooper decides to take one for the team and launches himself into the black hole.
  • Cooper provides Murph with the necessary data from the black hole to launch the facility into space and then he is ejected from the black hole and into the wormhole. In the black hole, Cooper finds himself suspended in space, in a physical representation of the space and time in Murph’s bedroom. He discovers that he is her ghost and that humans in the future have chosen Murph to save them by solving the mystery of launching the facility into space.
  • Cooper is discovered floating in space at some point distant in the future. He is taken to a space station where he meets Murph, now a very old woman. Murph is the heroine of mankind, having found the technology to save them from the dying earth. Murph moves on, and Cooper takes off on a mission to retrieve Brand, who is starting a colony on a distant but habitable planet.
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