part 2 of fast break
Updated: 3/10/2021
part 2 of fast break

Storyboard Text

  • you played?
  • I used to
  • I have to go
  • that was a great game
  • yeah
  • Jayson plays basketball with his step mom
  • He is a theif
  • The bobcats win their next few basketball games and secure their spot in the champion chip game.
  • Jayson and his basketball team go out to eat to celibrate their recent basketball wins when he left to go because he saw the person who caught him stealing the basketball shoes.
  • Lead us out Jayson
  • Jayson overhears Zoes mom talking about him when he and Zoe were suppost to meet up.
  • Jayson goes back to the shoe store to apoligise to the clerk for stealing the shoes from behind his back and gave him money so that other people can buy shoes if they don't have enough money.
  • Jayson and his team get ready to play the championchip game and the coach asks Jayson to lead them out.