Hot shot
Updated: 2/8/2020
Hot shot
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  • Mindy
  • Eddy
  • Mark
  • Alex
  • Hi I'm Billy and my friends had made a bet that I cannot make this white paper ball go into that trash bin from a distance of 20ft, but I'm going to prove them wrong.
  • Billy
  • My height is 5'7 so I need to figure out the height of the trash bin, so if I stand 20ft away from the bin and hold the ball at a 55 degree angle maybe I can solve the height of the trash bin by using the cos ratio!
  • The height of the trash bin is 11ft tall. I decided to shoot the ball, all my friends were surprised and gave me a high five. Then I decided to go to the park and shoot a basketball to see if ill make it.
  • X
  • 20ft
  • I made the ball in and I was very very very excited because I didn't even know that I could make that.
  • 22ft
  • Now I've made it to the park and I have to find the height of the basketball hoop if I hold the ball at a 38 degree angle and I'm 22ft away from the hoop. The height of the hoop is 17 ft tall.
  • X
  • Next we decided to go to the gym and attempt to throw a paper ball throw through the handle bars.
  • 10ft
  • 15ft
  • If the height of the handle bars is 15ft, the distance Im standing is 10ft, now I have to find out which angle to hold the paper ball at. I have to hold the ball at a 56 degree angle, and when I shot the ball I made it.
  • Then I finally decided that it was enough for the day and had my friends walk me home. But today was a really fun/good day because I found out that I can shoot a ball.
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