Kayman's Civil War project
Updated: 3/1/2021
Kayman's Civil War project

Storyboard Text

  • Introduction
  • I'm Kayman, im here to talk about the Civil War
  • Cause of the War
  • The Government maintained the balance of free states and slave states, then drew a 36/30 parallel, Dividing the North and South as free and slave
  • Start of the War
  • Abraham made a smart strategy to forced the South to the fire the first shot, in luck his plan succeeded, serval forts became an outpost in a forign land.
  • The Importance of the war was for the Soldiers who wore blue or gray included all types of races and jobs to fight the few rights they had or to defend slavery. The North and South were fighting agaisnt each other to earn more rights or keep slavery.
  • Union War Efforts
  • The Union used the Andaconda plan, to squize in the confederates and surround them
  • Pro- and anti-slavery agitators stormed to Kansas, The overturned cause conflict for 5 years inclduing many fights over slavery. Abraham Lincoln was elected by a decent margin in 1860, he was a republican and his party was anit-slavery many southerners thought he was going to abolition slavery and many southerners began to successed from the union.
  • Confederacy War Efforts
  • Abraham Lincoln's plan was to get the Confederates to fire the first shot of the way, which came out successful. The Union saw the capture of New Orleans and the Mississippi River as vital to Union victory because capturing the Mississippi would force Confederate troops to defend Louisiana causing Federal troops not to divide eastern and western parts of the mississippi.
  • Legacy of the War
  • Abraham Lincoln's first strategy was to make the Confederates shot the first shot, which led to success. Admiral David G, the commander of United States Largest fleet breached Fort Jackson and St. Phillip successfully. Bastion's fall eliminated the Confederacy's control over naval and traffic on the Mississppi River.Including General Scott's Anaconda Plan, he wanted to blockade Confederate Ports and surround the South, invading up to the Mississppi River.
  • The confederate's used a tactic like throwing out guns so the Union couldn't get any sort of weapon. The cresent bend of the river was used to display the commercial activity of the place to striking advantage. New Orleans boosted the Confederate's cause during the year of warfare, supplying them many equiment and supplies.
  • The aftermath of the war ruined many states, causing burned down building, low supplies etc.