A Trip to the Store
Updated: 1/13/2021
A Trip to the Store

Storyboard Description

Unit 2 - Storyboard Assignment Lillian's "trip" to the store

Storyboard Text

  • $ ????
  • One day my mom asked me to buy some apples, milk, and fish from the store.
  • So I walked to the store and I wasn't looking where I was going so I fell down a man hole!
  • The man hole I fell into was a magic one! I landed on the soft grass of a forest but lost my mothers money.
  • I walked around for a few hours until I came across a house. A fox man came to the door. I was afraid but I got over my fear to ask the fox if he saw my money or knew how I could get home.
  • The fox man said he had found my money and that he knew how to get me home! I piggy-backed the fox to flying board a rainbow portal. We said goodbye, and he pushed me through.
  • When I made it back to my realm I looked in the money bag. When I opened the money bag there was only one dollar! That rotten fox stole the rest of my money! What will I tell my mom?!
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