Coming of Age - To Kill a Mockingbird Ch. 6 - 10
Updated: 2/2/2021
Coming of Age - To Kill a Mockingbird Ch. 6 - 10

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  • "'I -- it's like this, Scout,' he muttered. 'Atticus ain't ever whipped me since I can remember. I wanta keep it that way...We shouldn'a done that tonight. Scout'" (Lee 56).
  • "Jem stayed moody and silent for a week. As Atticus had once advised me to do, I tried to climb into Jem's skin and walk around in it: if I had gone to the Radley Place at two in the morning, my funeral would have been held the next afternoon. So I left Jem alone and tried not to bother him" (Lee 57).
  • Scout's a coward!
  • "Jem put his arm around me. 'Hush, Scout,' he said. 'It ain't time to worry yet. I'll let you know when'" (Lee 69).
  • "Jem seemed to have lost his mind. He began pouring out our secrets right and left in total disregard for my safety if not for his own, omitting nothing, knot-hole, pants and all" (Lee 72).
  • "It was the first time I ever walked away from a fight. Somehow, if I fought Cecil I would let Atticus down. Atticus so rarely asked Jem and me to do something for him, I could take being called a coward for him" (Lee 77).
  • "Jem said, 'I reckon if he'd wanted us to know it, he'da told us. If he was proud of it, he'da told us...Atticus is real old, but I wouldn't care if he couldn't do anything -- I wouldn't care if couldn't do a blessed thing'" (Lee 98-99).