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Bio Project
Updated: 3/29/2019
Bio Project
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  • When I'm running for football, I am using motion energy to create sound, and heat kinetic energy.
  • The heat coming off of my body is the entropy because it is leaving my body and I can't get it back.
  • When Mr. Holtien is at the top of his stairs and see's a monster, which is actually me dress up, he uses gravitational energy to create motion and sound to charge at the monster.
  • This sound my feet are making when stomping down the stairs is entropy energy. I will never get that sound energy back.
  • When I'm eating my 200 grams of protein by myslef at lunch, I'm using motion energy and sound energy to create chemical energy that will power my body.
  • The energy I'm using to eat my food is entropy.
  • When I pitch the mound is elevated which means I'm using gravitational energy to create heat, sound and motion energy.
  • Heat energy is entropy.
  • In my old life I would used heat, sound, and light energy to create chemical energy.
  • I wish this heat energy wasn't entropy energy so I could re-use it
  • When I work out I am using motion energy to create heat and sound energy. After the heat energy leaves my body it is gone so that makes it entropy energy.
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