Blood brothers part 2
Updated: 2/13/2020
Blood brothers part 2

Storyboard Text

  • Oh bright new day!
  • Mickey? Well, shag the vicar.
  • Gis a ciggie?
  • Linda for Christ’s sake will you go out with me?
  • The Johnstone’s moved house. Now they were living happily, and Mrs Johnstone has enough money to look after her family.
  • One day, when Mickey was fourteen, he bumped into Edward again. He had been suspended from his boarding school.
  • For the next four years, Mickey, Edward and Linda did everything together. But after that Edward went to university and Mickey asked Linda to be his girlfriend.
  • Don’t shoot Eddie. He’s your brother!
  • Linda became pregnant so the couple got married. It was going well until Mickey lost his job. He got sent to prison and was given antidepressants. By the time he was released he was addicted.
  • One night Mickey was stumbling around town drunk when he found out Linda and Edward were together. He was furious.
  • While Edward was in a meeting, Mickey bursted in, threatening to shoot him. Mrs Johnstone tells them they are brothers in an effort to stop Mickey. Heaccidentally pulls the trigger and at the same time the police shoot him.