Joan of Arc
Updated: 2/4/2021
Joan of Arc

Storyboard Text

  • When Joan was only twelve years old she claimed to receive a vision from God telling her to go fight for France against England.
  • When the king saw her (to make sure that they weren't doing what God wanted) he said she was work of the devil because she wasn't wearing a dress, but an armor.
  • She was arrested because of that inside the man's prison, but the French were able to conquered the land anyway.
  • The king of France didn't save Joan because he already had the land conquered and Joan was beginning to be more popular than him.
  • Inside the men's prison, Joan was beat up by one of the soldiers, and so she changed into pants again to be able to fight the men attacking her.
  • Because she wasn't wearing what she was supposed to again, she went into trial because she was a religious heretic, being condemned and burned at the stake.