Fish story
Updated: 2/14/2020
Fish story

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  • Let's go then.
  • Hey Naruto, I dropped something in the Midnight zone, wanna help?
  • Of course Kakashi Sensei. Believe it!
  • Wait! I need ramen first.
  • Later in the Twilight zone...
  • That's because sunlight can't reach here as easily and as depth increases so does salinity.
  • How come its getting so salty and cold
  • It's getting harder to breath, I feel heavier.
  • Oh, that's because it's getting denser, colder water is denser because the particles move closer together. Vice versa for warmer water.
  • But-
  • No but's, I've already called my buddy.
  • We'll have to ask for reinforcements, our bodies can't handle these conditions.
  • Kakashi's buddy, Kurenai