Sarah Osborne Witch Craft Shenanigans

Updated: 9/10/2020
Sarah Osborne Witch Craft Shenanigans

Storyboard Text

  • Sarah Osbourne you have been accused of witch craft by the puthan family
  • There lying. Their only saying that because we had legal issues and because i havent been to church
  • Im guilty and Sarah Osbourne and Sarah Good Did witchcraft with me
  • Im Innocent
  • Sarah Osbourne you are found guilty of Witchcraft an wil be sent to Jail
  • Tituba is lying thats false information
  • In Jail.......
  • *In A crying voice* Ughhh im going to die in here......
  • Someone help Mrs osbourne has passed out i think shes dead
  • Accused of Witchcraft
  • 1643-1692
  • Here lies Sarah osbourne