Social Interaction

Updated: 10/1/2021
Social Interaction

Storyboard Text

  • They are exchanging their lunch
  • Okay deal!!
  • I'll trade you my pb&J sandwhich for your yogurt!
  • They are competing the see who's car is better
  • If that is your car right there, I wanna race I know I can beat that ancient vehicle.
  • Yea that is my car. I know my car is faster than yours, lets race and the best car will win.
  • They are having a conflict on where to eat.
  • Lets stay here to eat lunch, it has the best pizza!
  • No! I do not want pizza, I want a burger. We are not eating here.
  • They are all cooperating with one another by finishing working on the cars.
  • Lets all work together and finish changing theses tires of this car!!
  • He is able to go swimming, but must follow the rules his mom set. They are accommodating one another.
  • Why can't I go swimming? I am so hot, it feels like a desert out here.
  • You can go swimming, but I must be outside and you can only swim for 2 hours.