Civil Rights

Updated: 3/9/2021
Civil Rights

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  • Martin Luther King Jr. is a Noble Prize Winner who played a large part in gaining rights for African American citizens. He was born in Atlanta. He was a minister who got his start as an activist during the Montgomery Bus boycott. King played a part in creating the SCLC. he is also famously known for the- I have a dream speech.
  • I have a dream...
  • The picture above is meant to represent the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. The group began shortly after the Montgomery Bus Boycott and was created by none other then MLK. The group is a peaceful non-violent organization. King moved the group to Atlanta, GA. The organization plays a main role in several events that are part of the civil rights movement such as the Albany Act.
  • The man above is Mr. John Lewis. John Lewis is a U.S representative. He was elected into the Atlanta City Council in 1981 and was elected to the U.S congress in 1986. John Lewis is still currently serving today. Lewis was apart of the civil rights movement because he participated in many protests.
  • We deserve rights to!
  • The March on Washington was to celebrate the move completed by the president at the time, Kennedy. Kennedy sent the strongest civil rights bill to Congress. At this march there were several known speakers such as MLK and John Lewis. The event took place on August 28,1963. There were 250,000 people that had gathered before the Washington Monument.
  • The Voting Rights Acts of 1965 was passed. The picture above is over MLK shaking the hand of Lyndon B. Johnson. this amendment was suppose to strengthen the 15th amendment. The act ends poll taxes, literacy taxes, etc. This means that nobody was allowed to be denied a vote.
  • The picture above is showing that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 made white and black men equally represented and protected. This act strengthens the 14th amendment. This amendment is the result of several things such as the children's march. The Act was proposed by Kennedy but after his passing it was followed through with the help from president Johnson.
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