FMP- Captive
Updated: 3/9/2020
FMP- Captive
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  • First scene
  • Second scene
  • Third scene
  • This scene is focused on the main character walkinghome. This shot will be a side on shot that will show the character and their surroundings
  • Four scene
  • This scene will have the ex boyfriend come towards her house. This shot will begin with a pan of the house and the main character entering before he forcefully gets inside.
  • Fifth scene
  • This shows the main characters reaction to her ex being at the door. This will be taken from threedifferent shots.
  • Sixth scene
  • This scene will show the two characters goingupstairs heading for the bedroom. This is because themain character is unaware that she is being followed.
  • This will be where the ex makes a threat by using aknife and is even more controlling than before. The camera will be based at the side with a wide shotwith both of the characters.
  • This scene is the climax of the film that will show themain character jumping out of the window. Thenshe will move a bin and jump on and over a gatethis allows her to get the freedom she wants.
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