Updated: 3/5/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Once upon a time there was a man who was very rich and had a big house. He wanted even more money so, he lended poor people money and whenever they would give back his money, he always took more than what he gave. He was a bad guy.
  • I like money!
  • The rich man went to one of his lenders house because he was not getting paid but, only found a little boy to be home. He demanded the boy to tell him where his parents were but he said no. After being asked again the boy said:
  • my father has gone to cut living trees and plant dead ones and my mother is at the market selling the wind and buying the moon
  • Tell me where they are!
  • The rich man started to get mad. He told the boy that if he told where his parents were, the man would forget about the money they owed him. They boy agreed as long as there was a living witness. The rich man said there is a fly, he can be our witness. The boy agreed.
  • Ok, my father is cutting down bamboo trees and making a fence near the river. My mother is selling fans to buy oil lamps
  • I promise they will own me no money.
  • a couple days later the rich man went back to the little boys house asking for the money