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AP Hug 2
Updated: 10/11/2019
AP Hug 2
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  • Colonization in South America led to another version of the game being created. The goal of this game was to throw, or kick a ball through a ring, typically in a brick wall.
  • Ha ha I win!!
  • This ring is too big!!
  • The Native Eskimos in Alaska played their version of football on ice, with balls filled with caribou hair and moss. This was most likely spread from Russia, through colonization.
  • This surface is way too slippery!!
  • Stop complaining, Rick, just because I'm beating you in Asquatuk doesn't mean you should make excuses.
  • I!
  • The continuous spread of football around the world lead to the creation of Oneida FC in 1862. This was the first football club created outside of England.
  • I!
  • All in favor of creating Oneida FC, say I.
  • Due to the popularity of football around the world, the Federation International de Futbol (FIFA) was established in 1904 in Paris.
  • We need to create a federation to represent world football.
  • Just 30 years after FIFA was established, they decided to host a World Tournament of football called the World Cup, with 32 participating countries in a series of games. The tournament is till held every 4 years, and is still played today.
  • I am Robert Geurin. I was the first elected president of FIFA. In 1934 we hosted the first World Cup, an international football tournament, in Uruguay.
  • Football is still played by millions upon millions around the world. From Cuju in China in 300 B.C. to the World cup in 2018, football is the worlds game and loved by many around the world.
  • My name is Carter Beckman, I love to play football, and I cannot live without it. Today, there are millions of people that love the game around the world just like me.
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