We The Animals: Night Watch
Updated: 3/18/2020
We The Animals: Night Watch

Storyboard Text

  • I like sleeping in a bed.
  • No More Work!
  • No More Floor!
  • All of the brothers are sleeping on the floor at Paps' work, but Jonah is restless and wakes up. This could possibly be indicating that Jonah isn't as "tough" as his brothers and is more uncomfortale with the situation than they are.
  • Jonah goes over to Paps, gets in his lap, and says "I like sleeping in a bed" to which he responds "Me too." Then they both fall asleep together. Jonah is looking for comfort from Paps since he is uncomfortable sleeping on the floor alone and not at home in his bed. He is more emotional and not as tough as his brothers and wants someone to comfort him.
  • In the car on the way home, the boys bang in the car in rhythm with Paps and start chanting. Manny yells "No More Work!" then Jonah says "No More Floor!" While his brothers appeared to be fine sleeping on the floor, Jonah did was not comfortable and was seeking his home and bed. He is drifting from his brothers who are "tougher" and is looking for more comfort and possibly for more stability in his life. Jonah doesn't want the same things as his brothers who don't mind being wild animals who sleep on the floor and don't work. He doesn't want to be tough like them and instead wants to be safe and comfortable.