cellular respiration
Updated: 4/9/2021
cellular respiration

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  • ok class as you can see we are learning about cellular respiration... can anyone tell me what Cellular respiration is and how it begins?
  • cellular respiration
  • oh yeah! and it starts with glucose which is used in the process of glycolysis. that is in the cytoplasm,
  • cellular respiration is the procsses of breaking down sugars into ATP and using that stuff for energy.
  • umm....
  • yes! good job. and after glycolysis it produces a net of ATP, which our cells can use for energy.
  • cellular respiration
  • glycolosis then splits one glucose molecule into two pyruvate.
  • yess then pyruvate can be used for earobic and anaerobic respiration
  • uhhhh wahts that??
  • aerobic respiration is like making energy using oxygen. cells break down food from the mitocondria making 36 ATP molecules.
  • yeah and anaerobic is similar but you dont need oxygen.
  • cellular respiration