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Updated: 4/19/2021
Unknown Story

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  • The land around the Nile were the black lands, this land was fertile. The lands on the outside of the black lands were the red lands, this land was a large desert that although kept out many intruders, also cut Egypt of from many trade routs.
  • The Nile river was very important to the ancient Egyptians. They believed it was a gift from the gods. It kept the land fertile and they were able to fish on it.
  • King Tut is a very well known pharaoh. He is often referred to as the "Boy King", he came to power when he was around the age of 9. King Tut changed the religion back to polytheism and rebuilt many important buildings. King's Tut tomb had over 5,000 items in it and it took archaeologists 10 years to uncover it all.
  • The only people who could read and write in Egypt were the scribes and the small group of people above them including the vizier, the pharaoh and the royals. Under the scribes were the craftsmen, under the craftsmen were the commoners and farmers and under them were the slaves. The commoners of Egypt were never taught to read or write unless they went to school to become a scribe. This shows that there was inequity in Egypt.
  • The ancient Egyptians wrote using hieroglyphics, they are pictures that represent ideas, things or sounds. Later on they started using hieratic script. Hieratic script is a simplified shorthanded version of hieroglyphics. The tools that were used to write on stone were were chisels and hammers and on papyrus they used brushes and wood.
  • The ancient Egyptians practiced polytheism, this is Nut one of there over 2,000 gods and goddesses. She is a woman whose body arches across the sky and is covered with stars. The ancient Egyptians believed that at the end of every day she would swallow the Sun god Ra and give birth to him the next morning. They thought this formed the sunrise and the sunset.
  • One of the most impressive achievements of Egypt or perhaps the most impressive was the great pyramid of Giza or Khufu's pyramid. It is one of the 7 wonders of the world, as it stands at about 480 feet and has incredible architecture and design. The pyramid was built as Khufu's tomb and took 20 years to complete and an estimated 20,000 people to build it.