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Beauty and the Beast Project
Updated: 2/25/2019
Beauty and the Beast Project
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  • The Special Visit
  • The Village
  • The Forest
  • One night, while the selfish king was having a party, he heard a knock at his door. There was an old lady holding a rose begging to come in because she was cold and freezing. The king shut her out, however he did not know that she was a fairy in disguise. The king was being tested to see if he would help an old lady. The king didn't so the fairy casted a spell on him that would turn him into a mean looking beast. The fairy handed him The rose and told him that by the time all of the petals fall off, if he hasn't changed his attitude then he would be a beast forever, but if he did change his attitude, he would change back into a human
  • The Castle
  • In the Village, there lived a small girl named Belle. Belle was considered awkward. She never really had any friends or anybody to talk to except her papa. However, there is this one guy named Gaston who absolutely loved attention. He is in love with Belle but Belle hates him. Thats also another reason everyone thinks she's awkward. Everyone would die to marry Gaston. They just couldn't figure out why Belle hated Gaston.
  • The War
  • Belles papa, Maurice left her to go to a music festival where he would showcase his beautiful music box. However, Maurice took a wrong turn and it became very dark. Before he knew it, he was being chased down by a pack of wolves in the middle of nowhere. Maurice's music box fell and shattered on the floor. After about ten minutes of running from the wolves, Maurice found himself infront of a large, huge, and dark castle.
  • The Dance
  • Maurice went inside the castle and asked if anybody was there. There was no answer so he helped himself. He soon began to realize that this wasn't an ordinary castle. It was quite enchanted and odd in a way. Things came to life but the castle also was very sad looking. When Maurice was sitting infront of the fire, he felt something behind him. He look back and saw a mean old beast. The beasts was angry. He came into his castle and was using his stuff, so the beast locked him up in his dungeon.
  • Belle noticed something was wrong with papa when his horse returned to the village. She made the horse lead her to him. Belle slowly went into the castle but very scared. Belle told. the beast to let her papa go because he is very sick and she will stay here. He gave her a room to stay in and food to eat. After a while they became to like each other. The beast changed and he was a good person. The Beast and Belle had a Ball and they fell in love. Belle knew that he was really a good person in the inside
  • One day, Maurice told the village that belle was taken by the beast. They all went to the castle and tried to kill him. All of the magical things helped out in the fight too. When Gaston was trying to kill the beast, the stone underneath him broke and he fell. The beast won! As soon as the last petal fell, the beast became a prince gain. He was kind and he found true love and he lived happily ever after with his wife!
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