Pluto fabula amoris
Updated: 3/17/2021
Pluto fabula amoris

Storyboard Text

  • I am the godly king of the dead under the ground. I want a wife, however, the other Gods laugh at me.
  • I am the daughter of the goddess of the earth. I love the earth and the animals. I don't love the mortals, for they kill the earth
  • Jupiter! I want to have a wife. A girl that is the prettiest and wisest!
  • Of course you will have a wife. Now I must run.
  • Where have I ended up? Was I Unconscious? Everyday Pluto sits with me and wants to give me a pomegranate. Cerberus does not make me afraid.
  • I love Proserpina so much and I want to marry her! She is beautiful, wise, and even makes Cerberus happy, when before he was sad. Even I am made happy, but Mercury says Ceres wants to see her daughter.